Dramatic scenes aired on the set of Emmerdale recently as an explosive series of events left multiple residents fighting for their lives.

It was the day of Mandy Dingle and Paul Ashdale’s wedding and preparations were underway in one of the farm’s barns. Inside the barn, Paul and Liv Flaherty were having a violent confrontation about Paul’s son Vinny. Liv had recently learned the truth that Paul had been abusing Vinny.

At the same time, Jimmy King was hurriedly driving home after hearing that Juliette, the mother of his children, was planning to take them away. Tragically, Jimmy was blinded by the sun, causing him to lose control of his truck which ploughed straight into the barn injuring Paul and Liv.

The crash was then followed by a huge explosion in the barn – with Paul, Liv, and Jimmy still inside.

Medical Hire were thrilled to be part of this dramatic storyline, providing a host of hospital props and ICU equipment to dress the set, as well as medical advisors who were on-set during filming.

Ensuring compliance with Covid-19 safety procedures and guidelines, all props and equipment were delivered and set up 72 hours prior to filming and thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

During filming, some of the Medical Hire team supported the cast and crew remotely, whilst the medical advisors were in attendance in person on-set.

This was the first time since the pandemic began that advisors were permitted to be on-set in person – all prior support had been provided virtually – and advisors wore full PPE and strictly followed social distancing guidelines.

In addition, to ensure the very highest standards of hygiene and to avoid any cross-contamination, the medical advisors were not permitted to touch any of the equipment during filming that would then be touched by a cast member. The team had to provide very precise instructions on how to use each item of medical equipment, which took more time to do than in normal times but was the ideal solution under the restrictions that were in place.

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(*Images courtesy of ITV)