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Medical Equipment Hire for TV and Film

Medical Hire is a specialist provider of medical equipment for use on TV, films and online dramas. Part of the Independence Mobility Group, which was established over 10 years ago, we are renowned for providing an efficient and reliable medical equipment hire service for television and film production.

Extensive range of medical equipment

We offer the latest equipment for a wide range of medical story lines from operating theatres to ICU units and labour wards. Whatever your storyline, we can provide everything you’ll need from large items of equipment through to small accessories and consumables.

Script and storyline advice

Our experienced staff and partners enable us to offer advice on your exact requirements for your storyline. Simply send us your script and one of our advisors will take time to recommend the equipment you need to make your storyline true to life.

Experienced medical equipment advisors

In addition to providing script advice, our team of advisors offer practical support and advice during filming. Our advisors can be present on-set to help ensure that equipment is set up and attached correctly and is used properly with realistic readings.

Our team can also offer advice to TV and film directors on what might occur in a real-life situation. They can brief actors on how they might feel at any given stage.

Flexible and professional delivery service

We understand that timing is critical during filming. Our efficient logistics team will ensure that your medical equipment is delivered to your specified location on time so that filming schedules can be maintained.

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