This year marks the 10th anniversary of Medical Hire, and to celebrate, we’re thrilled to reveal our new website.

Medical Hire, which is part of the Independence Mobility group of companies, was formed in July 2011 as a result of a chance request from a TV company who had been let down by their medical props supplier. Independence Mobility were already an established provider of specialist healthcare equipment and so the TV company asked if the team would extend their service to provide medical equipment for hire for use on TV. Independence Mobility were delighted to help, and continued to provide the service into the future under a new brand – Medical Hire.

Ten years on and the range of medical props available for hire for TV and film production has grown exponentially and covers everything imaginable including A&E and ICU equipment, hospital beds and furniture, medical machines and monitors, maternity equipment, operating equipment and surgical accessories, mortuary and lab equipment, plus a huge range of consumables.

The new website showcases the vast array of products available for TV and film producers to hire to create medical sets and scenes that will ensure their storylines are true to life. Website visitors can search by product category or simply enter key words into the search box to find products that fit their needs.

In addition, the website boasts a brand new ‘equipment wish list’ feature where visitors can save their required products before sending the list to the Medical Hire team. Our team will review the list, add any essential accessories and consumables, and then provide a cost quotation. We’ll also suggest any additional items that would add the finishing touches to the set.

On celebrating 10 years in business, Medical Hire’s Director Chloe Mitchell said,

“We are really proud to have reached our 10th anniversary and we’re incredibly proud of how the business has grown over the years. We’ve been privileged to have worked on some of the UK’s most popular TV shows, as well as some well-known film productions. Our team of medical advisors are phenomenal, providing expert advice on scripts and supporting cast and crew on-set during filming. Some of them have even been known to make an appearance on camera too!

The team and I are all excited for the next chapter of Medical Hire. As well as continuing to grow our range of medical props and equipment, we are continuing to establish our delivery service outside of the UK.”

To find out more about Medical Hire or to discuss a forthcoming storyline, please get in touch by calling 0113 262 8000 or by emailing our team at


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