Professional Medical Equipment Advice

In order to help you ensure that your TV or film production is completely realistic, our experienced team of medical advisors can help with medical equipment selection and can be present on-set during filming to provide ongoing support and advice.


Medical equipment selection and script advice

If you would like our team of advisors to suggest the correct medical equipment for your storyline, simply send a copy of your script. Whether you are filming a scene in an operating theatre, a labour ward or intensive care unit, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to make your storyline come to life.


Medical equipment usage advice

Our team of medical professionals are also available to provide support during filming.

We will ensure that your medical equipment is set up, configured and attached correctly showing the correct readings for the scenario.

We will guide your actors on how the equipment would be used and how they might feel during a real-life situation.

Our medical professionals are also available to be extras if required. This may be particularly beneficial if you require extras to carry out a medical procedure as it will help your scene look even more realistic.

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