Medical Accessories

Helping you to create a completely realistic hospital scene, our range medical equipment for hire includes a vast array of consumables and accessories.


Oxygen Masks

Standard Oxygen Masks

Product Code: 5130-0020-0015


Non Re-breathe Oxygen Mask

Non Re-breathe Oxygen Mask

Product Code: 5130-0020-0021


Nasal Cannula

Nasal Cannulas

Product Code: 5130-0020-0011


Anaesthetic mask

Anaesthetic Mask

Product Code: 5130-0010-0019


Ventilator Tubing

Ventilator Tubing

Product Code: 5110-0010-0029


Ambu Bags - Adults & Paediatrics

Ambu Bags (Various Sizes Available)

Product Code: Various


IV Fluids

IV Fluid Bags & Bottles (Various Sizes Available)

Product Code: Various


Pressure Infusion Bag

Pressure Infusion Bag

Product Code: 5110-0020-0015


Transducer Bracket

Transducer Bracket

Product Code: 5110-0030-0039



DPS Double Pressure Monitoring Kit (CVC Line)

Product Code: 5110-0030-0024


CVC Line

CVC line (Lumen Catheter set)

Product Code: 5030-0030-0025


ET Tube

Endotracheal Tubes (Various Sizes Available)

Product Code: Various


ET Tube Holder

Endotracheal Tube Holder

Product Code: 5110-0010-0032


Thomas ET Tube holder

Thomas Endotracheal Tube Holder

Product Code: 5110-0010-0025



Surgical Drainage Kits

Product Code: Various


Urine Bags

Urine Catheter Drainage bags

Product Code: 5030-0030-0042


Disposable Gloves

Disposable Gloves

Product Code: Various


Syringes & Needles

Syringes & Needles 

Product Code: Various


Surgical Drapes

Fabric Surgical Drapes

Product Code: Various


Nurses Scissors

Medical Dressing Scissors

Product Code: 5060-0010-0049


Nurses Fob Watch

Nurses Fob Watches

Product Code: 5060-0010-0053




Product Code: 5060-0010-0014



Medical Tabards (NEW)

Product Code: 5040-0010-0055/5040-0010-0054



Oxygen & Entonox Tanks

Product Code: 5130-0020-0023 / 5110-0040-0036




Our website lists a small proportion of the medical equipment available for hire for TV and film. Should you not find what you are looking for or you would like some help or advice on the most suitable equipment for your storyline, please get in touch. Product images shown are representative and may not be actual item.

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