We supply an extensive range of beds including manual and electric beds ideal for all your general ward, maternity, ICU and HDU scenes.



Hospital Bed (Voelker)

Product Code: 5000-0010-0079



Hospital Bed (Bestran) Split side rails

Product Code: 5000-0010-0087



Hospital Bed (Manual)

Product Code: 5000-0010-0035



Hospital Bed (Huntleigh Enterprise 8000)

Product Code: 5000-0010-0075



Hospital Bed (Huntleigh Enterprise 5000)

Product Code: 5000-0010-0072



Hospital Bed (Sidhill Innov 8)

Product Code: 5000-0010-0071


Hospital Maternity/Birthing Bed

Hospital Maternity/Birthing Bed

Product Code: 5000-0010-0019


Hospital & Nursing Home Bed

Community/Nursing Home Bed

Product Code: 5000-0010-0022



Community/Nursing Home Bed       (Solite Laser)

Product Code: 5000-0010-0077


Domestic Profiling Bed

Domestic Profiling Bed

Product Code: 5000-0010-0024



Our website lists a small proportion of the medical equipment available for hire for TV and film. Should you not find what you are looking for or you would like some help or advice on the most suitable equipment for your storyline, please get in touch. Product images shown are representative and may not be actual item.

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