Socially Distanced Support for Emmerdale ICU Storyline


After a long couple of months in lockdown, the Medical Hire team have been thrilled to be back on set with the cast and crew of Emmerdale over the last few weeks, continuing to provide medical equipment and advice but with strict new hygiene and safety measures in place.


(Image courtesy of ITV)


This week’s episodes saw Moira lying unconscious in hospital after a terrible hit and run accident. She’d been put into a coma and was in a critical condition in intensive care whilst husband Cain and son Matty watch and wait.

Preparation for filming of these scenes began 72 hours before the actual filming day, in-line with the new COVID rules. During this time, the Medical Hire team delivered and set up all the medical equipment and props to furnish the ICU set, and thoroughly wiped everything down with detergent.

On the day of filming, Medical Hire provided on-set support, but with strict social distancing measures in place. Chloe, Medical Hire’s Director, stood outside the ICU room describing how to operate the medical machines and equipment. At the same time, another medical advisor was supporting actress Natalie Robb via video call, explaining how to put on and connect up all of the tubing and cabling she needed to make the ICU scenes true to life.

With the new hygiene and social distancing measures in place, Medical Hire are able to continue to provide their full range of medical equipment and support for TV and film production. To find out more or to discuss your next medical storyline, call 0113 2628000 or get in touch using the form below.

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