A&E and Operating Theatre Equipment for The Feed


Brand-new psychological drama, The Feed, was released on Virgin Media in September last year, with 10 thrilling episodes portraying a world where technology replaces the need for human communication and interaction.


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The series is set a few years into the future where a technology called “The Feed” is implanted into everyone’s brains. “The Feed” enables people to connect to the internet and share thoughts and feelings without saying a word. It even enables people to delete bad memories from their minds completely and do anything they wish without having to move a muscle.

But, as is the danger with any technology today, things can go wrong, and systems can sometimes fall victim to serious cyber-crime. Which is exactly what happens to “The Feed”, with some very serious implications and disturbing consequences for the population of users.

Medical Hire were thrilled to provide medical props and healthcare equipment for the filming of this dystopian thriller. During the 10 episodes, there were numerous medical and hospital scenes which the Medical Hire team helped to create and dress the sets authentically.

The team supplied props and equipment for an operating theatre set which included…

  • ICU Bed with mattress
  • Examination lights
  • Surgical instrument tray
  • Drape sheets
  • A wide range of surgical instruments and consumables

An A&E environment was also created with…

  • A&E transfer trolley
  • Paramedic trauma bag
  • Paramedic dressings bag
  • Oxygen cylinder and masks
  • Ventilator accessories
  • Drips & syringe drivers

A private hospital room was also required for filming which Medical Hire helped to create by supplying…

  • Hospital bed and mattress
  • Hospital bedding
  • Visitor chairs

A range of mobility equipment was also provided throughout filming including…

  • Wheelchairs
  • Crutches
  • Zimmer frame

As well as providing props and medical equipment to dress the film-sets, the Medical Hire team also supported the cast and crew with medical advice. This involved providing guidance on how equipment would be used and how a medical scenario would unfold in real-life.

The Feed is available to watch On Demand on Virgin Media.

For more information on medical equipment for hire for TV and film, or to discuss your next storyline, call the Medical Hire team on 0113 2628000 or get in touch using the form below.

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