ICU Equipment for Corrie Christmas Shooting


There were dramatic scenes on the cobbles of Coronation Street this Christmas as a bitter feud between characters Gary Windass and Derek Milligan came to a tragic head.


(Image courtesy of ITV)


After months of helping Gary with his dodgy dealings over the factory, Derek had had enough and was determined to get his revenge. But things didn’t quite go to plan when Gary held Derek hostage in his furniture lock-up overnight, causing Derek to miss his flight to the US with his children.

In absolute fury, Derek later managed to escape from the lock-up and went in search of Gary wielding a shotgun in his hands.

Things went from bad to worse when the battle came to a head in the Winter Wonderland where Shona Platt had been planning a birthday surprise for her husband David. Hidden away in a wooden box, Shona was sadly in the firing line of one of Derek’s bullets and was hit in the stomach.

Shona was rushed to hospital where emergency surgery was seemingly a success. But sadly, later, when Shona tried to get out of bed, she suddenly collapsed and then fell into a coma with suspected brain damage.

Medical Hire were privileged to be asked to supply medical equipment and hospital props for another dramatic Corrie Christmas storyline. The team supplied a range of ICU equipment including a ventilator and accessories, a vital signs patient monitor, and a bank of drips and syringe drivers.

Medical Hire also provided a host of medical accessories and consumables including an eye torch pen, tubes, dressings, injection box, antibacterial wipes, and hospital wrist bands.

The storyline continues on Coronation Street on ITV as the Platt family anxiously wait to see whether Shona wakes up and recovers from her coma.

To find out more about medical equipment and props for hire for TV and film production from Medical Hire, or to discuss your next medical storyline, call 0113 2628000 or get in touch using the form below.

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