Paramedic & Hospital Equipment for Curfew


Season 1 of Sky One’s brand-new drama, Curfew, was released earlier this year, with a star-studded cast including Sean Bean and Adam Brody.


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Consisting of eight dramatic episodes, the series follows a “group of ordinary people who compete for freedom in the world’s deadliest street race. Over one long, crazy, life changing night, they’re competing to win the ultimate prize — liberation from the curfew that controls their lives.”

Medical Hire were thrilled to provide medical props and equipment for the filming of the new series, which took place in various locations in the North West of England.

The Medical Hire team were heavily involved in the planning phase of the series, working closely with the scriptwriters and props design team to ensure the correct medical props were allocated for the different elements of the storyline. A wide range of medical scenarios were included in the storyline, so it was crucial to ensure authenticity throughout the film schedule.

As well as working with the props designers, Medical Hire also carried out a wheelchair assessment on one of the main cast members prior to filming. This ensured that the correct wheelchair was provided for specific scenes and could be setup as a real-life wheelchair user would require.

A huge range of medical props and equipment were supplied by Medical Hire throughout filming…

Paramedic equipment for 3 ambulances:

  • Paramedic responder bags, oxygen bags, ambulance transfer chairs, defibrillators and paddles, spinal boards, stretcher mattresses, and a vast array of consumables including bandages, dressings, sterile gloves, oxygen masks and more.

Medical assessment equipment:

  • Eye test chart, height measure, weighing scales, EEG cap with electrodes, monitoring trolley, and a vital signs monitor.

Hospital furniture and equipment:

  • Wheelchairs, hospital ID wrist bands, drip stands, fluid bags, syringe drivers, ventilators, anaesthesia machine, overbed adjustable table, nurses’ station, bedding, MRI scanner, A&E transfer trolley, surgical table, surgical drapes, and other surgical accessories.

Mobility aids:

  • Wheelchairs, walking sticks, crutches, hoist, sit to stand aid, and a shower chair.

Physio equipment:

  • Physio parallel bars, physio bikes, and physio balls.

Maternity equipment:

  • Maternity/delivery pack, Entonox bag and accessories, and baby bedding.

Due to the detailed and time-critical film schedule, the Medical Hire delivery team were delivering and collecting equipment several times per week over a six-month period. The team also ensured that all equipment and medical machines were set-up and configured correctly prior to filming, so that complete authenticity was retained throughout.

The full series of Curfew is available to watch on Sky One.

To find out more about Medical Hire and the vast range of medical props and hospital equipment available to hire for TV and film production, call 0113 2628000 or complete the form below.

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