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A brand new six-part drama, Years and Years, recently concluded on BBC One.


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The series, which follows the Lyons family through 15-years into the future in Britain, predicts events and developments that might happen in politics, the economy and technology, and how they affect the family.

As in any life-story, the family experiences moments of joy and sadness brought about by births, deaths, illness and injury. Medical Hire were thrilled to be involved in the filming of the dramatic episodes, providing a vast array of hospital props and medical equipment to help make each scenario true-to-life.

Maternity Ward Equipment

Following the birth of a baby boy in episode one, a number of scenes were filmed on a maternity ward. Helping to make these scenes realistic, Medical Hire provided a baby crib, baby bedding, a patient monitor, and a wide range of accessories and consumables.

The team also provided a range of real-life gel babies, to portray new-born babies on the ward.

EEG Equipment

During the final episode of the series, one of the characters is given a brain scan after collapsing. For filming of these scenes, Medical Hire supplied an EEG cap with electrodes, plus a range of other accessories including an observation trolley, an eye pen and reflex hammer.

Paramedic Equipment

Following the collapse of one of the characters, the paramedics were called. For filming of these scenes, Medical Hire provided a defibrillator heart start, defib heart start training pads, and a range of leads.

A&E Bay and Reception

Following a number of dramatic incidents throughout the series, various scenes were filmed in an accident & emergency department. Helping to furnish the set and make the scenes authentic, Medical Hire provided a wide range of A&E equipment including a resuscitation trolley, an A&E transfer trolley, a defibrillator with leads, a stretcher, a head block/immobiliser, and a wheelchair with footplate.

Other accessories and consumables were also supplied including crutches and bandages, an emergency phone, bedding, drip stands, fluid bags, and dressings.

High Dependency Unit (HDU) Equipment

Several scenes were also filmed in a High Dependency Unit (HDU) of a hospital. During filming, the Medical Hire team provided a range of furniture items to dress the set including a modern HDU bed with mattress, a bedside locker, and an overbed adjustable table.

A variety of accessories and consumables were also supplied including drip stands and syringe drivers, fluid bags, cannulas, and dressings.

Palliative Care Home Equipment

For scenes set in a palliative care home environment, Medical Hire supplied a number of furniture items and accessories. The team supplied an electrical hospital bed with mattress, a drip stand, a volumetric pump, plus fluid bags, cannula and dressings.

The full series of Years and Years is available to watch on BBC iPlayer

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