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Medical Hire have been busy on the set of Emmerdale again recently, this time providing HDU and ICU equipment for two dramatic storylines which aired on ITV earlier this year.

The first storyline involved character Bernice, who was persuaded to try do-it-yourself Botox injections.

Having just turned 50 and becoming increasingly concerned about wrinkles, Bernice bought the Botox kit online and was helped to administer it by salon owner Kerry. But within minutes of the first injection being administered, Bernice started to suffer an allergic reaction and went into anaphylactic shock.

She was quickly rushed to hospital, but the severity of her reaction left her struggling to breathe and she was admitted to ICU.

Helping to make this storyline true-to-life, Medical Hire were asked to supply a range of ICU and hospital equipment to dress the film-set. The team supplied an A&E transfer trolley, a specialist ICU bed, a ward bed mattress, a variety of wall panels, a vital sign monitor, drips and syringe drivers, and a wide range of accessories and consumables.

Thankfully Bernice recovered from her shock, but her face was left with potentially permanent damage.

The second medical storyline to air on Emmerdale this year involved character Rhona and a horrific tractor accident.

Whilst working in a barn down on the farm, a tractor, which was being driven by Rhona’s boyfriend Pete, suffered a technical fault causing the brakes to fail. Pete lost control of the tractor and it crashed into the barn, sending Rhona and a pile of haybales flying and Rhona landing on a metal spike.

Not realising that anyone had been in the barn at the time of the crash, Rhona lay undiscovered and bleeding on the floor for some time. But, thanks to some text messages that she’d managed to send, she was eventually discovered and rushed to hospital.

Whilst in hospital however, it wasn’t just Rhona’s injuries that were the main cause for concern. During her treatment, she underwent some scans, which revealed she was suffering from fibroids. The doctors recommended she underwent an urgent hysterectomy, so her stay in hospital was prolonged.

Medical Hire were thrilled to be involved in the filming of this dramatic storyline, supplying hospital and HDU equipment for the set. The team supplied bedside cabinets and tables to furnish a 4-bed ward, plus a wide range of other props including monitors, drips and syringe drivers, suction tubes, cannulas and a variety of wound dressings.

Rhona’s storyline continues on Emmerdale on ITV.

For more information on medical equipment for hire for TV and film, or to discuss your next storyline, call the Medical Hire team on 0113 2628000 or get in touch using the form below.

*Images courtesy of ITV

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