Hospital & Neonatal Equipment for Multiple Corrie Storylines


It’s been a busy start to the year on the Cobbles of Coronation Street with multiple medical storylines hitting our screens in January alone. An emergency c-section and two car accidents left several Corrie residents fighting for their lives. Medical Hire were thrilled to be involved in filming.


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The first medical storyline involved the premature delivery of Sinead and Daniel’s baby.

After being diagnosed with cervical cancer at the end of 2018, Sinead declined chemotherapy treatment to try and protect her baby. Instead she opted for alternative treatments, but several months on, it’s clear the alternative treatments haven’t worked. The tumour had grown, and doctors advise that the baby must be delivered immediately so that Sinead can start some rigorous treatment.

The baby was delivered the next day by an emergency caesarean, but after only 27 weeks of pregnancy, the baby was very small and vulnerable and was immediately taken to neonatal.

Helping to make these very emotional scenes as realistic as possible, Medical Hire were heavily involved in recommending and supplying the medical equipment that would be used in such scenarios. For scenes involving the c-section, the Medical Hire team provided a range of specialist operating theatre equipment including drapes, monitors, drips and syringe drivers, surgical gowns and a vast array of accessories. For scenes with the baby in neonatal, Medical Hire provided an incubator, along with monitors, feeding tubes and other accessories.

The storyline continues on Coronation Street on ITV as Sinead continues her cancer treatment and baby Bertie fights for his life.

The second medical storyline began on Christmas Day, but the storyline continued into the New Year and involved a hit and run incident.

After holding a long-standing grudge against Liz McDonald after she’d had a brief affair with her husband Jonny Connor, Jenny Connor was coming to the end of her tether. Putting on her usual brave face, Jenny drowned her sorrows with a few too many drinks on Christmas Day and then decided to go for a drive in Jonny’s car. At the same time, Liz was returning home for the day but had dropped her keys in the road and was reaching down to collect them. Whilst doing so, Jenny accidentally reversed into Liz, but hadn’t realised she had done so and drove swiftly away. Liz managed to pull herself up and into her flat but soon collapsed and wasn’t found until the next day and rushed to hospital in a critical condition.

For this storyline, Medical Hire supplied a range of hospital props and medical equipment for scenes with Liz in hospital. Several items of hospital furniture were supplied along with a vital sign monitor, a drip stand and accessories, plus a range wide of consumables.

The third and final medical storyline for Corrie fans in January 2019 involved an accident for evil character Duncan Radfield.

In another long-running storyline, fraudster Duncan had previously conned Sally Webster into giving him access to council funds. But when the authorities came knocking, Duncan put the blame fully on Sally which resulted in her being sent to prison. For months, Sally’s family desperately tried to expose Duncan for the fraudster he really was, but during a confrontation between Duncan and Sally’s husband Tim, Duncan stepped back into the road and was hit by a passing vehicle. Duncan was taken to hospital where he was left in a critical condition, but he luckily pulled through and eventually admitted that Sally was innocent.

Medical Hire were delighted to provide medical props and equipment for this third storyline. The team supplied a range of hospital ward equipment including bed accessories, patient monitors, drips and syringe drivers, plus a host of consumables.

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