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Earlier this year, children’s TV channel, CBBC, aired a 3-part drama called “Katy”. Based on the novel by much-loved author Jacqueline Wilson, the series followed eleven-year-old Katy Carr, a lively daredevil big sister, whose life changed forever after she suffered a serious injury.


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Over the 3 episodes, Katy not only faced the challenges of recovering from her accident and adjusting to life in a wheelchair, but she was also forced to come to terms with the fact that with her step mum Izzie, who she doesn’t get along with, was now her main carer at home.

Medical Hire were delighted to be asked to supply medical props and equipment to assist in the production of the 3-part drama. With each episode centred around the medical aspects of the storyline, a significant amount of equipment was required for filming.

In episode 1, Katy’s accident occurred, and she was rushed to hospital. The extent of her injuries meant that she had to undergo surgery and then remain in hospital for some time. For this episode Medical Hire supplied an A&E transfer trolley, a general ward electrical bed and bedding, a patient monitor, drips and syringe drivers, various pieces of hospital furniture, plus a wide range of accessories and consumables.

In episode 2, Katy begins physiotherapy to build up her strength and prepare for daily life in a wheelchair. Whilst Katy’s exercises are mainly carried out in and around her hospital bed, she frequently goes for a ride to the physiotherapy room where she makes a new friend, Dexter, who also uses a wheelchair. For these scenes, Medical Hire supplied a range of physio equipment including physio parallel bars, physio steps, a range of physio balls, and a number of wheelchairs.

Also in episode 2, Katy returns home where she begins to face the challenges of life with limited mobility. Her first challenge is tackling the bathroom which has been adapted with specialist equipment including a shower chair and toilet seat raise, also supplied by Medical Hire.

In the third and final episode, Katy returns to school where she faces yet more highs and lows of life in a wheelchair. But with support from her family, friends and teachers, she begins to adjust and finds new ways to enjoy the things she loves.

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