Hospital Props and Medical Advice for No Offence Series 3


The third series of police comedy drama, No Offence, recently concluded on Channel 4. The six-part series saw DI Viv Deering and the Friday Street team tackle political warfare, with the first episode involving the attempted assassination of a local politician by a new Far Right group.


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As the series progresses, the fight between the mayoral candidates hots up and is the catalyst for a series of violent events. In their midst is mercenary Far Right fanatic Ralph Beckett, who wages his war on both the police and culturally-vulnerable targets with devastating consequences.

Beckett’s reign of terror, however, is soon brought to an abrupt end when he is shot and goes into cardiac arrest. Although he is initially resuscitated, he later dies in hospital.

Medical Hire were delighted to once again be involved in the filming of the award-winning drama, after involvement in the previous series. This time, the team were sent photos of the hospital that would be used and an overview of the storyline, and were asked to advise what medical props and equipment would be needed.

For one episode, Medical Hire supplied a wide range of lab equipment including a microscope, glass bottles, conical flasks, test tubes, petri dishes, evidence jars and much more. A wheelchair and a model skeleton were also provided.

For the episode where Beckett was shot and resuscitated, Medical Hire supplied a defibrillator, a resuscitation trolley, an emergency drug box, plus a range of accessories and consumables. To furnish the hospital set, the team also provided hospital bedding, a high back patient chair and an overbed table.

Medical Hire also supported the cast and crew during filming of the cardiac arrest and resuscitation scenes. A medical advisor was present on-set to guide the cast on the use of the equipment and to offer advice on how the medical scenario would realistically play out.

Series 3 of No Offence is available to view on demand on All 4 -

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