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Fans of Coronation Street recently saw Sinead Tinker’s life turned upside down when she discovered she was suffering from cervical cancer. The discovery was an even bigger blow for the loveable character as she was in the first trimester of a pregnancy – a pregnancy she was determined to see through no matter the consequences to her own health.


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After weeks of hiding her condition from everyone, Sinead was forced to reveal the truth to her new husband Daniel when she was rushed to hospital after collapsing in the Rovers. But despite Daniel’s insistence for Sinead to terminate the pregnancy and begin her potentially life-saving treatment, she was adamant that she would wait until the end of her first trimester to protect her unborn baby.

During last week’s episodes, Sinead was given the all-clear to begin treatment and tentatively underwent her first course of chemotherapy. But, later the same day, when the hospital rang to arrange a second session, she made her excuses and delayed any further treatment.

Helping to make last week’s emotional episode true-to-life, Medical Hire were asked to provide medical props and equipment to create the chemotherapy room. The team supplied a specialist chemotherapy chair, an infusomat drip and drip stand, a cannula, fluid bags, a patient monitor, and a range of consumables.

The team also supplied some items of hospital furniture and fittings to dress the set including a visitor chair, a wall panel, lights, an overbed table, a range of hospital hygiene equipment and other accessories such as a plastic water jug, patient tumbler and hospital ID wrist bands.

The storyline continues on Coronation Street on ITV as Sinead considers alternative treatments.

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