Medical Hire Provide ICU Equipment for Corrie Crash Storyline


Medical Hire have been busy on the Coronation Street cobbles again recently, this time supplying medical props and equipment for the storyline involving drug dealer Ronan Truman and his son Cormac.


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Ronan first featured in Corrie back in 2017 for the storyline in which Rosie Webster had drugs planted on her by her ex-boyfriend Antoine. After unknowingly smuggling the drugs into the country, Adam Barlow soon discovered them and tried to sell them on. Unfortunately, Adam was found out by gangster Ronan and took a nasty beating.

Ronan’s son Cormac recently appeared on the street and linked up with his old friend Ryan Connor. But the beginning of a night out ended up in disaster when Cormac overdosed on drugs. Ryan panicked and called his brother Ali, instead of immediately calling an ambulance…but would this have changed the end result?

After discovering the truth that Ryan hadn’t called the ambulance straight away, Ronan blamed the Connors for Cormac’s death and was adamant that he would get his revenge. Michelle tried pleading with Ronan, but after a firm threat to the Connors’ lives, Michelle grabbed Ryan and Ali and tried to make an escape.

Ronan was hot on the heels of the Connors’ car however, and last Friday’s episode saw the car chase end in disaster. Cornered down a country lane, Michelle’s car cut out and so Ryan got out of the car to try to confront Ronan. Ronan immediately ploughed into Ryan but then also reversed into Leanne Battersby who had stopped to help on her way back from Tracy and Steve’s wedding. Ronan continued his rampage but lost control of his car, crashed into a ditch and became impaled on a fence post.

Medical Hire were thrilled to have been involved in this very dramatic storyline, providing medical props, equipment and advice for all areas of filming.

For the original scenes where Cormac took a drug overdose, Medical Hire supplied all of the paramedic equipment. An advisor was also present on set during filming to guide the cast and crew on how such a scenario would realistically play out.

For the car crash and hospital scenes which aired earlier this week, Medical Hire provided Intensive Care Unit equipment for the scenes showing Ryan and Leanne in critical conditions. The team provided beds, monitors, drips and syringe drivers, plus a wide range of accessories, and ensured all equipment was set up accurately to portray an authentic scenario.

The storyline continues as Leanne recovers from her severe injuries in hospital and the police investigate further into what really went on.

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