Rehabilitation Equipment Supplied for Corrie Sepsis Storyline


Continuing last month’s heart-breaking storyline in which Corrie’s Jack Webster developed Sepsis and had his lower leg amputated, viewers recently saw a happier side to the story when Jack prepared to leave hospital with a very positive attitude. Medical Hire were once again thrilled to be involved.


(Image courtesy of ITV)

After several weeks in hospital recovering from his horrific illness, Jack was starting to come to terms with and learning to cope with his amputated leg. In a recent episode where Jack was about to use his new wheelchair for the first time, he surprised his family by moving himself into the wheelchair with no assistance at all.

The emotional moment was made to look even more realistic due to the fact that Jack’s amputated leg was in full view of the camera throughout the entire scene. The amazing scene was created with some fabulous special effects and camera trickery, which made the amputated leg look completely authentic.

Want to see how it was done? Click here to see.  

Continuing Medical Hire’s involvement in the storyline, the Leeds-based team provided a specialist paediatric wheelchair for filming of this scene. In addition, a range of rehabilitation equipment was also provided for Jack’s ongoing rehabilitation treatment in advance of his eventual return home.

In readiness for Jack’s return home, Medical Hire also advised the Corrie production team on adaptations that would need to be made to Jack’s home to accommodate him and his wheelchair. To do this, Medical Hire arranged for a physiotherapist to carry out an actual home assessment on the Webster family home and provide a report on changes to be made and equipment that would be needed. Viewers will see these adaptations being made over the coming weeks as the storyline continues on ITV.

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