Medical Hire Advise on Sepsis for Emotional Corrie Storyline


An emotional storyline began on the Cobbles of Corrie last week as young Jack Webster tragically developed sepsis.


(Images courtesy of ITV)


It all began when Jack and big sister Sophie were having a kickabout on the street. Jack took a tumble and grazed his knee, but it was nothing out of the ordinary and he got up and carried on.

The next morning, Jack began to feel unwell and was sent home from school. A trip to the medical centre resulted in him being diagnosed with a viral infection but he continued to deteriorate and later, resident doctor Ali realised he had symptoms of sepsis.

Jack was rushed to hospital and immediately began urgent treatment in ICU, but he sadly didn’t respond to the medication as hoped. Last night’s episode saw Jack’s dad Kevin have to make the very difficult decision to allow doctors to amputate his foot and lower part of his leg to prevent the infection from spreading further.

With sepsis such an important topic in healthcare today, the Medical Hire team were absolutely thrilled to be asked to be involved in this storyline.  As well as providing a vast range of medical props and equipment to dress the set, the Leeds-based team provided PICU nurses to support the cast and crew during filming.

Kyran Bowes, who plays Jack Webster in the much-loved British soap, was an absolute professional and a real pleasure to work with. He took all the medical direction in his stride and did a brilliant performance.

Dressing the set involved the provision of a huge range of machinery to create the ICU department. Medical Hire provided syringe drivers, drips, a dialysis machine, a Bear Huggar, a ventilator, a heart monitor, and many accessories and consumables.

The storyline continues on Corrie on ITV over the coming weeks as Jack wakes up and realises what has happened to him. He then has come to terms with his ordeal and begins his rehabilitation.

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