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Last week’s Corrie was full of exciting drama as Pat Phelan was brought back to the Cobbles by Gary Windass in an act of revenge. But after discovering that Phelan’s daughter, Nicola Rubinstein, had given birth to her baby boy (Gary’s son and Phelan’s grandson), things didn’t quite go according to Gary’s plan and lives were left hanging in the balance.


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The storyline began the week before last when Gary had discovered that Phelan was still alive and hiding out in a small village in Wales. Gary enlisted the help of a friend to visit the caravan site where Phelan was staying and later captured him and bundled him back to the Street.

Meanwhile, back home at Eileen’s, Nicola tragically falls down the stairs whilst trying to investigate a noise that is coming from the attic. Heavily pregnant and out cold at the bottom of the stairs, she is thankfully quickly discovered by Fizz who had heard the banging and crashing from outside, and immediately raised the alarm.

Nicola is rushed to hospital by the paramedics, but on arrival, there are concerns for her baby’s wellbeing, so she’s quickly taken for an emergency caesarean. Luckily both mother and baby are fine following their dramatic events, and peace is temporarily restored.

The following week, however, when Phelan discovers that Nicola is at home with the baby, he dramatically escapes from Gary’s clutches and turns up on Nicola’s doorstep with a gun in his hand, demanding to see his grandson. But whilst protecting her baby son from the evil Phelan, events take a turn for the worse and Nicola is shot by her own father.

Realising what he’d done and desperate to save his daughter’s life, Phelan carried Nicola to the Bistro where Michelle and Robert’s wedding was about to take place. Phelan demanded that they helped Nicola, so Ali and Rana (both medical professionals) battled to save her. Meanwhile, Phelan took Michelle into the kitchen as hostage but later also shot her. His trail of devastation was soon stopped however, when Anna Windass surprisingly walked into the Bistro kitchen and but an end to Phelan’s evil ways.

This dramatic series of episodes involved a significant number of medical scenes, and Medical Hire were absolutely thrilled to have been involved.

The scenes with Nicola undergoing an emergency caesarean were filmed in a real-life operating theatre, but Medical Hire still supplied a large amount of the props and equipment that the cast and crew used. The Leeds-based team also provided a professional medical advisor who supported the Corrie crew on-set during filming. The advisor helped guide the actors to ensure that the scenes were re-enacted as accurately as possible, and also that equipment was set-up and used as it would be in a real-life situation.  

As filming took place in an actual hospital theatre, the cast and crew were required to wear scrubs for the entire day. This was hugely entertaining and added a real fun element to the day, in between the seriousness of the storyline.

Medical Hire were also involved in the medical scenes surrounding the dramatic shootings of both Nicola and Michelle. After being rushed to hospital and undergoing emergency surgery, both characters are seen recovering on the hospital wards, which were set with equipment and props from Medical Hire.

For more information about Medical Hire and the wide range of medical props available for hire, call 0113 2628000 to discuss your needs or get in touch using the form below.

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