1990s Hospital Set Created for Emmerdale Flashback Episode


Earlier this week, the long-awaited Emmerdale flashback episode aired on ITV, exposing the heart-breaking truth about character Charity’s past. It also revealed a very surprising twist.


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Whilst driving to the hospital to see her daughter Debbie, Charity starts having flashbacks of the 1990s hospital where she had given birth to a baby boy who she believed was dead. The flashbacks continue as she walks down the hospital corridor to see Debbie, and her full backstory is told.

Charity’s pregnancy had occurred as a result of a traumatic time where, at just 14-years-old, she had been abused and raped by the corrupt DI Bails. She was sadly never able to get justice for his abuse so had been carrying this torment with her for many years.

After a difficult birth, Charity realises that the baby isn’t breathing, so the medical team rush him to the special care baby unit to act fast. She sees the medical staff trying to resuscitate him but soon runs away believing that he couldn’t be saved.

Back to modern-day, however, and in a huge twist, it is revealed that Charity’s baby did survive, and he is very much alive and well. Not only is this news a joyful surprise, but his existence could also help Charity to finally prove what the evil DI Bails did her all those years ago.

The flashback episode was fantastic to watch, and the Medical Hire team were hugely privileged to have been involved in its filming.

Creating and building the set for both the modern day and for the 1990s flashback scenes required a lot of preparation and careful consideration. It was crucial to ensure that the 1990s set was completely authentic, so the Medical Hire team spent a significant amount of time researching the type of equipment that would have been used back then.

Filming took place at Chapel Allerton hospital, with the 1990s set being created first. Medical Hire provided all of the props and equipment for the delivery suite including the corridor, waiting areas, and the neonatal room. A maternity advisor and neo-natal advisor, also provided by Medical Hire, were present on-set to support and advise the cast and crew during filming.

After filming had taken place for the 1990s scenes, a full and fast turnaround was required to build the modern-day hospital set which Charity continues to walk through on her way to visit Debbie.

Charity’s story continues on Emmerdale on ITV.

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