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New police and crime series, Bulletproof, launched on Sky 1 recently, promising six action-packed episodes that perfectly blend drama, action and comedy.


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Described as ‘the British answer to Lethal Weapon’, the series stars actors Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters who play police duo Bishop and Pike. Throughout the series, the duo tackle various criminals, but as their investigations progress, they are confronted by ghosts from their past which are set to come back to haunt them.

Much of the filming for the series took place on location in Liverpool and Merseyside, with many streets being closed off to the public on a number of occasions. This caused much excitement for passers-by as the famous faces acted out car chases and fired gun shots.

Based in nearby Leeds, Medical Hire were asked to supply medical props and equipment for the filming of a number of scenes at Aintree Hospital back in November. A wide range of props were provided including a ventilator with tubing and accessories; a drip stand with fluid bag, cannula and dressings; a vital signs monitor with leads and pads; and a transducer kit. In addition, a range of hospital accessories and consumables were supplied including hospital ID wrist bands, disposable curtains, stethoscopes, patient water jugs and cups, and patient observation notes.

Medical Hire were also present on-set during filming at the hospital to provide the cast and crew with medical advice and support. The advisor not only guided the team on the use of the medical equipment but also how the medical scenarios would play out, to ensure all scenes were completely realistic.

Bulletproof continues on Sky 1 on Tuesdays at 9pm. The trailer can be viewed by visiting

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