Burns Advice for Emmerdale Acid Attack Storyline


A brand-new storyline was launched on Emmerdale last week and began with a shocking episode that featured a horrific acid attack.


Medical Hire Provide Burns Advice for Emmerdale Acid Attack Storyline

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In a case of mistaken identity, character Ross Barton was attacked by drug-dealer Simon who threw the corrosive substance in his face. Characters Joe Tate and Graham Foster immediately rushed to help Ross, pouring water over him to try and wash the acid away, but he was left with horrific burns and terrible scarring.

Medical Hire were delighted to have been approached by the Emmerdale crew to provide equipment and advice for the controversial storyline. The team consulted the burns unit at Pinderfields hospital and a specialist nurse accompanied the Medical Hire team on-set during filming to support the cast and crew.

The first part of filming involved Ross being attended by paramedics immediately after the attack. As well as providing medical props and equipment, the Medical Hire team helped to ensure that the paramedic scenes were set up correctly and that filming portrayed the scenario as authentically as possible.

In the next part, Ross was rushed into A&E and taken into a shower room, so the doctors could to try to reduce the acid levels in his system. He was later taken into surgery for further treatment to his burns. For the filming of these scenes, the Medical Hire team provided A&E equipment and accessories, and also advised the Emmerdale crew on how such wounds would be treated and dressed.

As well as providing advice on the treatment of burns for this dramatic storyline, the Medical Hire team also guided Emmerdale’s make-up artists on how the wounds would look at each stage. It was important for the scars to be replicated as realistically as possible to help ensure the storyline was true-to-life.

The storyline continues on Emmerdale on ITV.

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