Forensic & Lab Equipment for Sensitive Emmerdale Story


Popular British soap, Emmerdale, recently covered another incredibly sensitive storyline in which character Rhona Goskirk was attacked and raped by her newlywed husband Pierce Harris.


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In scenes that left many viewers shocked last week, Rhona realises she’s made a terrible mistake in marrying Pierce as he aggressively confronts her about a kiss she recently shared with Paddy Kirk. Telling Pierce that their relationship is over, Rhona tries to escape but Pierce grabs her and throws her to the ground.

Immediately following the horrendous ordeal, Pierce plays down what has happened and tells Rhona to tidy herself up so they can return to their wedding reception which has been in full swing. But telling Pierce she’s going to take a shower, Rhona flees the scene and makes the incredibly brave decision to go straight to the police.

At the police station, officers immediately transfer Rhona to a sexual assault referral centre where she’s interviewed and examined by a team of crisis workers.

Helping to make this very sensitive storyline authentic, Medical Hire were asked to supply medical equipment and props for filming scenes based in the sexual referral centre. The team provided a gynaecology couch and a range of forensics and laboratory equipment including swab kits, specimen pots and evidence bags, enabling the cast and crew to authentically portray the process of hair collection, fingernail collection and more.

Chloe and the Medical Hire team were once again honoured to be asked to supply medical props and advice for another sensitive storyline covered by the popular TV drama.

The storyline is set to continue throughout the summer of 2017 as Rhona decides to continue with her legal action but she has yet to disclose that it was in fact her husband who was the perpetrator.

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