Medical Hire Feature in Filming of Tragic True Story


Little Boy Blue, a four-part crime-based drama, which follows the heart-breaking true story of the killing of Liverpool boy Rhys Jones, was launched on ITV last night almost 10 years on.


(Images courtesy of ITV)


A story that shocked the nation back in 2007, 11-year old Rhys was unknowingly caught in the cross-fire of two rival gangs on his way home from football training and was tragically hit in the neck by a stray bullet.

The killer, 16-year old Sean Mercer, immediately fled the scene, quickly disposing of the murder weapon and cleverly covering his tracks. Although he was initially arrested within days of the crime, he was soon released as there was no clear evidence to link him to the killing, and it was a long 8-months later before he was finally convicted.

The four-part drama centres on the devastating impact that Rhys’s death had on the Liverpool community amid a wave of gang violence. The series also focuses on the gruelling wait that Rhys’ parents endured between his death and his killer’s ultimate conviction.

Chloe and the Medical Hire team were hugely privileged to have been asked to supply medical props and equipment for this tragic storyline. Filming the scenes portraying Rhys’ death and the desperate attempt by paramedics to save his life was incredibly emotional but done with the utmost authenticity and sensitivity.

The series continues on ITV on Mondays at 9pm.

For more information on medical equipment and medical props for hire for TV and film, call Medical Hire on 0113 2628000 or get in touch using the form below.

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