Forensics and Laboratory Equipment Now Available


Following the recent launch of Autopsy equipment, Medical Hire have once again expanded their range of medical equipment for hire with the introduction of Forensics and Laboratory equipment.



The perfect solution for crime-based dramas, the comprehensive range of forensics props includes specimen containers, evidence bags and boxes, finger print kits, plus overalls, gloves and goggles.

For scenes based in the laboratory, Medical Hire also offer test tube racks, microscopes, stainless steel benches and trollies, and a wide range of consumables.

Medical Hire have been providing medical props for TV and film for many years. With a comprehensive range of equipment for hire and a team of experienced medical advisors who can provide advice on scripts and storylines, Medical Hire offer a professional and dedicated service.

Click Forensics and Laboratory Equipment to see a selection of our products.

If you’re planning a crime drama and are looking for specialist props, call us on 0113 2628000 or get in touch using the form below.

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