Manual and Electric Wheelchairs Available for TV and Film Production


Medical Hire are a specialist supplier of medical equipment for hire for TV and film production across the UK.

Within the extensive range of medical props are manual and electric wheelchairs, ideal for storylines involving characters with limited mobility and for scenes set in hospitals and care homes.

For characters who have a good degree of independence, a manual wheelchair is the ideal solution. But for storylines involving characters with more limited mobility, an electric wheelchair is more appropriate.

(Image courtesy of ITV)

Medical Hire were delighted to help one of the UK’s leading soap operas with a mobility storyline recently when one of its characters was badly injured. Emmerdale’s Nicola was left paralysed down one side after a fire at the mill and subsequently needed an electric wheelchair. The Medical Hire team were involved in the entire storyline, providing advice on which mobility equipment Nicola would need and providing guidance on how it would be used.

In addition to standard electric wheelchairs, Medical Hire can also provide more advanced models including the Xeno power wheelchair from leading brand, Ottobock. The innovative Xeno allows users to stand up by moving the seat from a sitting to a standing position whilst continuing to provide support.

To see more of Medical Hire’s range of mobility equipment for hire for TV and film production, click Mobility.

For more information on Medical Hire or to discuss your next production, call us on 0113 2628000 or get in touch using the form below.

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