Dialysis Machine for Hollyoaks Kidney Transplant Storyline


Medical Hire are delighted to have been involved in a long-running kidney dialysis storyline with Chester-based soap, Hollyoaks.


Dialysis Machine for TV and Film


The story started back in 2014 when character Nico Blake arrived in the village. Her estranged mother Sienna had been frantically searching for her but the link wasn’t initially made as Nico had originally been named Sophie.

After a turbulent start, Sienna eventually accepts Nico as her daughter, but a later argument about the identity of Nico’s father, ends in disaster. Upset by the argument, Nico boards a train which has been hired by the McQueen family for a party, but later crashes leaving Nico badly injured. Whilst in hospital, the doctors reveal that Nico only has one kidney, but the train crash has caused the kidney to start failing. Nico is left needing a transplant.

Whilst waiting for a kidney donor to be identified, Nico undergoes regular dialysis treatment. Enabling the treatment to be portrayed and filmed with complete authenticity, Medical Hire were approached to provide a dialysis machine – part of the specialist providers’ range of medical props for TV and film.

Nico’s friend Theresa McQueen is eventually found to be a match for a kidney and a transplant successfully goes ahead.

However, the storyline has recently again come to the forefront as it is revealed that Nico hasn’t been taking her anti-rejection medication correctly. Her kidney is once again failing and she urgently needs another transplant. Nico is forced to re-start her dialysis treatment whilst planning some drastic measures to secure another donor.

Medical Hire have once again been approached to provide a dialysis machine to help continue the storyline, delivering and setting up the machine as specified by filming schedules.

A dialysis machine is one of the many items of specialist medical equipment available from Medical Hire for TV and film production. To see more, visit www.medicalhire.co.uk.

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