Ultrasound Images for Maternity Storylines


Helping to ensure that TV and film production companies have absolute authenticity within pregnancy and maternity storylines, Medical Hire offer ultrasound images.


Ultrasound Images


In-line with the recommended schedule of scans during pregnancy, Medical Hire offer images for the 12 week dating scan and also for the 20 week anomaly scan. The ultrasound footage is completely authentic and features all of the imagery, sounds and movements that a real-life scan would include.

For any ultrasound scenarios which fall outside of these standard time frames, custom made footage can also be provided. Bespoke footage can also be created for storylines featuring twins.

Chloe and the Medical Hire team were delighted to recently supply bespoke ultrasound images to two of the UK’s leading soaps - Coronation Street and Emmerdale. Emmerdale character Laurel Dingle underwent an ultrasound scan at 5 weeks following the shock discovery that she was pregnant, whilst Corrie’s Sarah Platt had an un-scheduled scan at 32-weeks due to reduced movements from the baby.

For more information on ultrasound images for TV and film production, call 0113 2628000 or send a message using the form below.

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