Medical Hire Expand Range of Medical Props


A recent relocation to larger premises has enabled Medical Hire to continue to extend their specialist range of medical equipment for hire for TV and film.


Medical Hire expand range of medical props for TV and film


The move to larger office and warehouse premises based in Leeds, has meant that a larger range of equipment is now available for hire.

Part of the Independence Mobility group of companies, Medical Hire have been supplying equipment for television and film for over a decade. The comprehensive range of medical equipment includes hospital beds and trolleys, A&E equipment, adult and infant ICU equipment, mobility products, and a complete range of consumable items and accessories.

Medical Hire are privileged to have worked with some of the UK’s most popular TV shows and soaps. The team are committed to continuing expand the range of medical equipment available to support key storylines and scenes.

For more information on the range of medical equipment available from Medical Hire, please browse our website or get in touch for a discussion of your needs using the contact details below.

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