Janitor Equipment



Spray Bottles

Janitor spray bottle

Product Code: 5100-0010-0012


Antibacterial Spray

Multi Surface Cleaner

Product Code: 5100-0010-0044


Antibacterial Wipes

Antibacterial Wipes

Product Code: 5100-0010-0043


paper Rolls

Paper Rolls (blue)

Product Code: 5100-0010-0028


Janitor Trolley

Janitor Trolley

Product Code: 5100-0010-0014


Cleaners Bucket

Cleaners Bucket

Product Code: 5100-0010-0039


Wet Floor Sign

Wet Floor Sign

Product Code:


Housekeeping Trolley

Housekeeping Trolley

Product Code: 5100-0010-0040


Linen Cage

Laundry/Linen Metal Cage

Product Code: 5100-0010-0054


White Laundry Bags

Fabric Laundry Bags

Product Code: 5100-0010-0045




Our website lists a small proportion of the medical equipment available for hire for TV and film. Should you not find what you are looking for or you would like some help or advice on the most suitable equipment for your storyline, please get in touch. Product images shown are representative and may not be actual item.


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